19 March 2010

What a party. This is supposed to be the standard of party everywhere. Great gowns, georgeous gals, and gagagagagaggg guys, hihihi...  Lucky them. Wishin' I were there T_T

Well.., when you wear charmant Chanel couture dress ( frontliner, black-white dress, trust me, it's machmachmach betta in look than it appears on the picture), you should have a good spine shape. Rounded spine is a huge no. Lift your body, UP!  It looks good when your body language shows so, rite? Hmmm....

What about this one?

Bad bad bad body language. They deffinetely need to learn how to SIT!

What did they use to put the manequins on, so they can be caught on camera? A closet? Dunno dunno dunno...

But, after storms, a bright sky comes...

Okay, I think this party was about the dress which Autumn was wearing. Cling cling cling... You got credit!