1 March 2010

I'm sooo glad that D Beckham is on the cover of Gentlemen's Quarterly Russia, March 2010.

But wait. Hold on. I see something really really strange. Look at the hat.

Did those people put the hat BY PHOTOSHOP? OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! It would be very very HORRIBLE if so. Oh come on. Oh MY CO*K! Are you serious?! Look below the "Q". I see lots of time when people photoshop-ing anything. Maybe they're just not as expert as I thought. With photoshop, I mean.

Can't you just do it in smooth way (Oh, no!), or, oh for God's sake, you're GQ! Get a hat for my Beckham!

Signorefandi, it's just a nightmare in a stormy night, seeing him miserably digitalized, isn't it?