3 August 2010

Y'know what, fellas, our (or I can say in the past,present,future time, MY) Beloved Beckham will completely come to the rude-yet-tightly-competitive fashion world. Future-Sir (Well, who knows? I do deep inside my heart even though I don't know who whispered me) David will release his suit collection under his lovely poshy Posh line, dVb (stands for what, ja? David Von Beckham? Dazzling Vic Beckham? Dunno). Well, I loooooovvvvveeeee suit. Formal dress is my fetish. Just can't wait for that. And please, Mr. Beck, don't held a SALE for your suit one day, coz I believe art piece is eternal, not for being sold in BIG SALE nor UP-TO-SUMTIN-PROZENT OFF SALE.

You can get her creations at

Yet, Vic has teamed up with Range Rover to create and design her very own vehicle.She will be working on the interior design of the new rwrwrwrwrwrwrw Range Rover Evoque model, which will be launched at Paris Motor Show this September.

Either changing or expanding her career, we'll soooooooo welcome both to the world of dedededesign...

But the funny thing is this..

VB on the so-called ‘competition’ with DB said:

It’s not about competition. You should see me with a football – there’s no competition at all – 

Ha! If you guys divorce, there's me for backing up....

Signore Fandi, Mrs. Fandi Beckham? Mr. Fandi Adams? Hmmmm... Both sound awesome ^_^