3 August 2011

Here are the people from the Bazaar Art exhibition...

Ms. Mari Elka Pangestu, Minister of Trade of Indonesia. She's the honour guest to open the exhibition.

Caftan Cordon. When Ramadan-Moslem fasting month-comes, a lot of women wear caftan as option. I say, uniform is so yesterday. A friend of mine said, Ramadan is in my heart, not my look. Agree.

Or, if you still want to wear some outfit reflecting your heart, wear like this woman I met before, at High End Masterpiece fashion show few days ago. Caftan. With some pattern. Genius trick.

Ms. Lia Chandra in her own great-colouredc aftan, earrings, shoes, and bag (Oh Mon Dieu I love it) all by Louis Vuitton. Crème de la crème? Yes she is.
Next to her is Ms. Virginia Rusli, editor-in-chief of CLARA Magazine (is that Kate Spade bag?)

My friend Fajri of The Faj.

Signorefandi, socializing among socialites..