5 September 2011

Today is the day I got permission to publish some clips from my model-yet-photographer friend, Americo Cacciapuoti.

Alberto Campanari

My dear dear dear friend Michelle Mobili.

Borja Martin

Zarko Zivojinovic

My heart stopped when I saw the last photo. Perfect. I mean, sometimes for a drama queen like me, when I say perfect, it's gold perfect. 24 carat, but few you guys know, it's 99,9%.  But that one, 100%!!!!

When I check his photo clips, I got appraisal that he would be amazing in making cover page, which is more difficult than spread or ad campaign. Precise? Check. Colour? Check. Dimension? Check. Expression? Check. Who knows he will shoot for Vogue Homme International? Or Vogue Homme Japan? Or, more prestigious, Vogue L'uomo?

Signorefandi, got new desktop wallpaper...