10 September 2011

Privet! I just finished reading selected articles on my own copy of  VOGUE Russia September 2011. Thanks to my friend Evgeniy Rodionov for translating (most of) those articles for me.

On the cover is Natasha Poly by Hedi Slimane. After being on the cover TWICE IN A ROW in 2008, this time there's no merciful eyes, no wide smile. So Russia. Amazing.

This copy comes with supplement of Fall/Winter 2011/2012 summary.

As you all know, VOGUE Russia got the new editor-in-chief, Viktoria Davydova, last season. She has worked hard to make her best. Some people say she's horrible and tasteless. I don't think so. The penultimate-yet-first editor-in-chief Alyona Doletskaya of course is irreplaceable. So is Carine Roitfeld of VOGUE Paris. But VOGUE has to move forward, to adapt, to grow. As long as there's passion and spirit to improve, I believe VOGUE Russia with its new editor can be accepted. Well, I can't imagine VOGUE US without Anna. Maybe at that time I'm already dead or something. Oh, I need to sip some vodka now..

Signorefandi, Ya lyublyu Victoria.. Ya lyublyu Rossii..