19 October 2011

Many fashion bloggers (still counting more and more. They breed like gnomes now) are so proud of the number of their postings. One has hundreds of posting in the first few months, by copying online-magz, taking photos from, and/or retweet (repost) other bloggers.

I realize that blogging is all about sharing. You can not compare the style of one blogger to another. Blog is very personal. And everybody is different. They have their own favorites, standards, goals, and so on.

One blog is likely full of images with toddler-level vocabulary; one is so prolific because it's very witty and full of hatred and criticism (which many people like it. You know how popular gossips are. Like tabloids); one seems the world revolves around and only the blogger, making him/her looks like obnoxious narcissistic egomaniacs; another one, is simply cool because it's full of shoes, clothes, and lots lots lots of accessories, which we all know the blogger can't afford those all, either it's just happened that she/he got richie daddy and mummy or the blogger is smart enough to hack credit card information; and in the other case, a blog becomes super famous because of the ability to mix and (mis)match vintage items of their ancestors, etc. etc. etc.

What do you feel when you read 5 blogs and the updates are just a bit different here and there,like one is copycatting the others? What do you think if there's some blogger doing some as*-kissing to tawdry editors and awful designers so he/she can get the front row ticket or freebies? What will you say if you see somebody has EVERYTHING so that sometimes it looks like lost Santa Claus? It is indeed difficult to predict the prosopolepsy of bloggers, since many people see many different things each and every day. Weather and climate change. So does the season both in the sky and on runways. Well, it doesn't mean you are obliged to update your blog like fashion seasons, SS, pre-Fall, HC, F/W, and other 8 or 9 seasons.

So, what is the real factor of making a blog a good one when they pullulate now? Is it like predicting what products will be highly demand and most wanted? Is it the exclusivity? Is it the scarcity of the news? Or is it just simple, because the blogger puts his/her heart and passion and effort in every single thing he/she posts?















Signorefandi, only Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter are my seasons...