23 December 2011

I found out that one of my life-time favorite fashion icon, Daphne Guinness, is having an exhibition at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York. The exhibition will be until January 7th 2012.

Divided into seven theme, her exquisite collection is, well, I can say, very Daphne. She's unique, very creative, so original, and no identical. When people say she's eccentric, I say she's crazy. In positive way, though.

Here are some of the art pieces she's got for the exhibition.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen high heel platform sandals with black leather and floral-shaped ceramic, Spring 2011

Red suede and metal heelless platform shoes by Nina Ricci

LEFT: Short “kimono” style Alexander McQueen evening dress in black and fuchsia silk crepe with waist cincher worn with chopines, Spring 2008

RIGHT: Screen printed ombre silk satin “Kimono” style evening dress by Alexander McQueen for Givenchy worn with chopines

LEFT: Alexander McQueen catsuit and cape with gold and bronze bugle beads, sequins on silk net, and black feathers

RIGHT: Alexander McQueen beige silk tulle dress with green feathers and silver sequins

Christian Dior black wool and satin tailcoat with Balenciaga formal long dress shirt in white cotton pique and patent trim

LEFT: Alexander McQueen “Empire” style dress in off white silk chiffon gauze and rhinestones, Fall 2008 RIGHT: Evening jacket by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in ivory silk faille with embroidered stone trim and fuchsia sequined leggings by Alexander McQueen

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel jacket with ivory sequins and white feathers on silk net

Gareth Pugh, dress and hooded cape of silver metallic foil, spring 2011

As I mentioned before, there are seven categories of her collection shown at the exhibition; Armor, Chic, Dandysm, Evening Chic, Exoticism, Sparkle, and Accessories. each of them were curated by Daphne herself, with Valerie Steele and Fred Dennis.

One thing that is very interesting is, with her incredible imagination and idealism of fashion, I think this exhibition is just 2 starts of five. The collection is amazing, but for me it looks like it's just mannequins dressed up with fabulous clothes; from Chanel to Alexander McQueen, from Balmain to Gareth Pugh. There's something missing from the exhibition. The dramatic ambiance. Daphne, as I know, is very brilliant in creating artistic scenes and theatrical pictures.

However, this exhibition is pretty good to see. To see how art factor in fashion is (still) highly considered, not just business or market. Her appreciation for fashion is clear. It's not boring. It's artful.

Fashion Institut of Technology Museum is located at:

Times Square,714 Seventh Avenue at W. 48th St  Renaissance

New York,10001

(212) 217-4558

Signorefandi, 'pretty good to see' for Daphne? She can do it MUCH better, I believe...