15 January 2012

There are only few sectors in the world, when once you start learning it, you know less and less, like astronomy or automotive. Fashion is not included, thank Coco Christian Cristobal.

So, days after days of searching and researching, many inquiries and interviews to discreet yet disgustingly rich people, I got the information I couldn't just google, How To Make An Haute Couture Purchase. Or should I say, fashion investment?

Cate Blanchett at last fitting with Giorgio

So here they are. Steps you need to take, to get the most exquisite and expensive clothes to your wardrobe.

  1. One day after the show, a future owner (MUST have referral and reference) could make an appointment to see the newest collection in a chamber called the couture salon. The schedule is (mostly) at 3 p.m., 3 days in a week. The period to view the new collection is only one month. Those future buyer will see the collection on models' body, called cabine.
  2. When somebody orders an haute couture dress, it means she (or he?) buys the whole look; the shoes, bag, and gloves if any. Everybody will pamper you till the ceiling. Premiere, seconde, and vendeuse are at your service. Tea (or I suggest to some fashion houses to serve champagne. You know we sometimes need to relax a bit when we're about to make such big spending and to avoid anxiety) is right beside you along the process
  3. Duration of the making process is about 150 hours apiece, with fitting 3-4 times.
  4. The dress will be sent to your home in huge handmade box, full with feather-like protecting papers.
  5. No price tags. A 'simple' couture dress can cost you around €10.000, and if it's embroidered or more complex (mmm, the 'simple' one is already complex, I tell you), it could reach ten times higher, from €100.000 to €200.000, apiece.

When you need referral and reference, or you want to ask further about how to get haute couture-d, feel free to ask me to, or my skype 'signorefandi'. Want faster reply? Call me to +62 (0)8985368040. Such an honour to help ^_^

Signorefandi, you're welcome..