27 January 2012

The more I learn, the more I'm curious. It happens in just few things in the world. Couture is one of them. 3 years ago when I started blogging, it was so away from this meticulously  mysterious area. I once or some read about it, but still, no clear clue. Now, when I've read a lot about it, anxiety sometimes crosses my way. Like this one I've prayed for long time. A couturier from Indonesia.

Didit Hediprasetyo, one of couturier I've been following for few months, I still have a little knowledge about him. His father, I know more, in the opposite. His father is a very respected politician. But I will not bore you with my delusion ambition to be politician here.

This collection, inspired by Indian culture (Indian Asian, not Indian American). Bringing cultural approach to modern world always fascinates me in some way, and his way of interpreting it through his collection is far from a strict stiff cultural outfit we used to see.

Didit is the only Indonesian designer I know who's showing haute couture collection in Paris. I know that some Indonesian designers are using that terminology, but I know (pretty sure for this one) that they don't get any acclamation nor recognition from Chambre Syndicale. So, Didit is actually a real Indonesian couturier.

And from 42 exits, there are EIGHT pieces for men! Yay!

Signorefandi, amen!