17 January 2012

Wow oh wow.. Italo Zucchelli put some incredible indulgence in the recent show of Calvin Klein Fall 2012 Menswear. Never seen like this before.

From Jacket to suit, to trousers, and BACKPACK. ALL in ALLIGATORS. Oh... Looking forward to adding it to my MOST WANTED LIST in 2012! You know, before apocalypse happens, I gotta give myself a little amusement, right? Especially after cobra-collared suit I wore at Bocelli's concert, I need something more challenging.

And yet, I'm not into the shoes. I'm not really into thick soles, if you want to know. I prefer pointed-toe ones. And in this collection, I don't see any. I think I don't need to panegyrize every piece of a season, right? I need to be subjective in putting criterion of a collection, too.

Well, I don't know if my checkbook allows me to have the black backpack. I hope the price tag is not exceeding The Row Backpack..

Signorefandi, PETA is only against fur, right?