6 February 2012

Wuff... It's been forever since the last time I updated my blog. When I said there's nothing can stop me blogging, when I thought I moved on and everything would turn shining, I was WRONG. Breaking up with your lover can get you so depressed, that you can only breathe. These days I only get nicotine and caffeine intake. When your lover leaves you for someone else, it feels like the world stops revolving. In the few first days, I felt okay. Not much tears and so on. But I warn you that the pain gets worse day by day until it reaches some point. Thanks to post-break-up shopping therapy that costs me,, better not shared here. My accountant would kill me if she knows I have emergency Visa in other bank. Little can I share, it would be enough for Lufthansa return flight Frankfurt-Jakarta (it was meant to be for the lover. I planned to invite him, but he seemed not interested even though it doesn't cost him a dime).


Well, enough for prikiti willi stupido dum dum. No more drama. Here I am. I blog. Again.


Now I'll show you my italian bambina. Michelle Mobili. She's the one whom I shared a scooter ride at 3 in the morning with (with a stop by for a magnificent Magnum ice cream), and no helmet. Ci si sente così italiana, non?

 This is what I call, the real beauty in model. Perfect skin, perfect lips, perfect body (even though she's like other models, who think they should loose other many pounds, again and again). Some friends say she looks like an Indonesian model, whom I don't know who she is, and I can't google her either. Exotic mode on!!!

I love the black jacket. I don't know why the photographer picked tennis court for the shooting instead of grave yard or something. Such a waste of model and property, if you ask me.

When I say she's got perfect body, aint kidding you. Michelle for MAXIM Indonesia. HOT!

Those two (and another photo that I don't know which one) are Michele Mobili photographed by Americo Cacciapuoti. Italian double dose!

In person, she's fun. She's so open to talk about anything. We once talked about giving head. We went out for a movie or some party. Here was when we're out for Harry Potter.

Michelle Mobili, Rafael Petenuci, Veronika Hladikova, Anghela Filipova, Adamova Zoya, and me (the only non-model on the table, which makes me look like I'm babysit by models. Ha!)

I wonder who's the cutie in the shell. His head looks like pearl, and Michelle looks like mama shell cheering for the new-born baby shell.

Like other models, she looovveessss taking pictures with mobile phones.

This one is a bit scary, when I knew she got her beautiful hair half-shaved. But that's Michelle. She's still pretty no matter what you do to her, even if it's in extreme level.


Michelle with Veronika.

Michelle with Rumah-Gadang-styled hair.

Michelle, Rafael Petenuci, and Dasha Solechnaya. You can not ask her to pose ugly. She always moves in sensual (mm, teasing?) pose.

Michelle with buddies Rafael Petenucci ( I got to mention his family name. You won't believe it if I tell you how many Rafael I've met, aside Diego, Roberto, Fernando, and so on.)

Michelle for Dewi Magazine.

No idea, Michelle, Borja Martin, and other no idea.

Una cosa che mi piace di questa ragazza. Lei è così italiano. Sensuale. I modelli potrebbero essere bella, esotica, magro, splendido, bellissimo, è il nome. Ma sensuale? Solo pochi potevano. Excuse my limited Italian. Ho bisogno di fare pratica. Di sicuro.

What brand she's perfect for? Hervé Léger or Tom Ford. Or Bond Girl! That's it!  Blonde? Done. Black? Done. Gloomy Russian? Done. But James Bond NEVER involves EXOTICISM! She would be perfetto to be BOND GIRL!



Signorefandi, Penso che Daniel Craig sarà felice d'accordo anche..