21 March 2012


This is what I'm waiting ford for a tom toong time. Since Gwineth Paltrow appearance in Tom Ford at Oscar, exclusive, now we all can see a bit part of fashion which has been a secret for a while. TOM FORD FALL/WINTER 2012/2013.


I know I'm numero ottocento e ventuno, but yeah.. How many fashion blogger out there? A billion these days? :)

Tom Ford has brought a fashion show to what's rare nowadays, a touch of fashion world that has been missing for long; exclusivity. Tom only gives access to a very selected few to his shows and forbids all photography. Only two gurls, Gwineth and new fashion darling Jennifer Lawrence who have a truck of fortune to wear dresses from his latest collection before the rest of the world even get a glance.

Exclusivity of a fashion show, now becomes oase in a desert. Many fashion houses even launch their collection in live streaming, allowing non-invited like me to enjoy the show. But later on, it's more because the world has changed now. Communication era pushes the industry towards coverage and publicity, making the collection is accessible for as many folks as possible. It's not wrong, of course not. But Tom Ford keeps one side that makes fashion is fashion. When it comes to exclusivity and privacy, fashion plays a big role in determining society. That's why lovely Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge kept her wedding dress till very last micro second. Imagine if you wear something similar to your mate, or neighbours, in the same event, because what you wear is for everyone. Or, in business, if you create and design some dresses, and the counterfeit is released even before your creation is on the racks of the official store. It's not good for the business (or, is it?).

So, when Tom held a super private show (no breakage and sneaking crazy bloggers this time, right?), we should appreciate it (and even more if I'm invited ;) ). Fashion is still fashion for Tom Ford. His persona turns my fashion brain on. It's not only his handsomeness does. And I love it.

Signorefandi, fashion orgasm...