29 April 2012

It would be very easy for us to do a collection that everybody would like and not criticize. But criticism is a part of life. You have to take it.

Said in different occasion, is this.

You can't pretend that everybody likes Versace. It would be boring. It's better to create a reaction than to create no reaction. That's dangerous. -Donatella Versace

That's so true. I recall when I read some blogs, and compare it to 'formal' media like newspapers, one thing bothers me. ALL that I read, in reaction to seeing new collection of a particular designer, is a common phrase for bloggers; I LOVE THEM ALL. It's not a reaction. It's a poker-face words. And it's boring. I mean, you don't just love it. You should have reasons why you love a thing. Blogging is indeed a unique fast way to express your ideas, but it doesn't mean that you have to ass-kiss every time you write about something. When I don't like it, I say I don't. I even criticized Chanel Haute Couture once. Some people said I'm crazy, I will never be invited to the show, and so on (little did they know, I plan to buy one piece-just one for now- of the collections that I criticized). I mean, okay. You can choose to post things that you like only. Me, in the other side, like yin-yang, will post something that draws my attention, either I like it or not. Sometimes I need to see something boring to see others enriching. I need to see tawdriness to see fabulousity.

It is a fact, that most of fashion bloggers (99,99%; SeaofShoes,as I heard, is the 0,01%) want to attend fashion shows; want to be invited to the pilgrimage in the sanctuary. It's quandary that we have to say bad but we want to see the next collection. We're afraid that we are excluded from the 'cool folks'. But it doesn't mean that we have to say differently than what we feel, or worse, we believe. Criticizing doesn't mean hating. I criticize, it means I care. I criticize, it means I want it to be better, with or without my suggestion.

Signorefandi, have you been invited after saying yes all the time?