26 April 2012

I was shocked few minutes ago seeing this.

Oh. No. Not that one. Even a tiny unnoticed African ant knows that it's Angelina Jolie in Versace Atelier in Golden Globes 2012. No. That's not what made me shocked. But this..

Right: Dewi Persik wearing FAKE Versace Atelier

Well, for me, she's a complete nobody to me. For those who don't know, she's a fugly bitchy dangdut singer from Indonesia (Dangdut is a music genre. Ughh..I'm allergic to it)

I just wanna say this to her. ARE you trying to impersonate lovely Jolie, so you decided to order same gown but from way far less talented dress maker, copying her in Golden Globes? Are you? R ya?!!! because you failed, gurl. Even in an atom, you can never even be the same to Angelina. I mean, look at the dress she's wearing. Wrong material, wrong cut (it's not even line-for-line process, looking at the too much folded red detail in front).

How I knew it's fake?  Well, simple. (1) The cutting lines. When you look at Angelina, the dress is just like her second skin. And that's what an haute couture dress should fall on to your body. It fits you best. The details on hip part are not there. The way her belly looks is literally so haute, like her gym is already close for renovation for months. (2) Dewi Persik is not kind of artist (ouch!) that can afford a Versace Atelier dress, and even more for a simple non prolific TV show. Angelina wears that to Golden Globes for god's sake. It's a big event, and broadcasted to entire world. Dewi, in the other hand, was in a dangdut show in national TV station here in Indonesia. And even if she can afford that, I don't think she will let it worldwide-ly unpublished. She's known for ADHD. She will publish everything (her physical assets included).

I'm standing in the front line against fakes. Rather being naked than wear fakes. Indonesia is so well known for fake things. Every single fashion items, bags, shoes, and even a store (yes. There's Dolce&Gabbana FAKE STORE here) is counterfeited. I'm sad. I hope someday I will see Indonesia like Paris or Milan where fake is strongly and seriously punished as theft. Because it is a theft. A theft of creativity. A theft of passion and hard work.

I recall a time when a friend of my father gifted me a Rolex watch for my birthday. No body knew it was fake, because at that time a Rolex watch was like a nirvana for us in the family. Nobody knew how to distinguish and identify fake Rolex from the original one. Years later, when a friend from Geneva saw it, he knew at glance. It's a total fake. Well made indeed, maybe from Hong Kong or something. But fake. Then I felt, like, damn. That person gifted me a crap for my birthday. I felt assaulted.

When you wear something fake, and everybody can see it as a fake (like Dewi did), it's like doing a crime to yourself. Instead of giving yourself the best, you allow the world to see you just appreciate yourself as low as hell. Why not wearing something unique, but original from local designer, if you haven't reached a state you have bulky bank account? While you save money for the original someday, just wear something genuine. The best for you. The best for your level. Maybe people will not see you in runway look all the time, but it's you. Not Jolie wanna-be.

Signorefandi, God is All-forgiving. Go to church for the forgiveness, ...