13 May 2012

Back in 2000, when I was a mere fifth grader, the BBC series Boss Women was featuring most powerful lady in fashion, Anna Wintour.


You're not gonna see another September Issue here. Instead, you'll see broader scope of Vogue;how she leads the empire of American Vogue. I definitely learn a lot from this video (I downloaded it, like 149MB. You know sometimes you're out of wavelength where you're separated from virtual world, so I better anticipate it by downloading important videos, so that I can watch them wherever I am). One particular thing which is the most important point is, Vogue is a magazine. Haha. Clearly, but the most important thing of publication is to publish. When Victoria 'Plum' Skyes explaining about haute couture fashion spread, now this sacred area is a bit clearer for me.

What Vogue creating is a fantasy...Opening Vogue magazine is just like going to see a movie. Don't believe anywhere and don't think any of it is really real. None of those models look like that in real life...Those $40.000 dresses that you see, in the magazine, we know,..the designers wanted us to lend it to someone else to see it worn, because, people are not gonna buy these clothes. you know. They buy the $2.000 dress, or a thousand $ dress. You know [ughh.. she says "you know" like, thousand times]. The $50 perfume. We're promoting the fantasy, you know [aargghh..], to sell the products.

From journalist's (yes, she is) point of view, that description is incredible. So brave and straight forward. I see so many ass kissing lately in fashion journalism, so hearing what she says is like an enlightenment for me.You can not just say you're selling things that people can barely buy. But that's what I love about her. I read chic lit she wrote, Bergdorf Blondes, and I see none other than a genius writer behind those pages. Smart blondie she is.

And Anna is so amazing that she can be incredible as, if not more than, the Vogue itself. She's discovering talents (what she did to John Galliano was so wise and genius), making breakthrough, and being controversial. My devotion to her is not without reason. But like Isaac Mizrahi says, "You could probably describe her in a word, or in like, a novel. But not in a sentence." So I better stop talking here how Anna is. I should write write novel instead. 7 or 8 chapters.

Signorefandi, she's the boss...