29 May 2012

I think this magazine cover is the most anticipated for me. David Beckham for ELLE UK July 2012. Celebrating the Olympic games, which will be held in London, ELLE UK had announced few weeks ago that they'll put a man on the cover, and I can't help but predicting that delicious David would be on it. I mean, who else deserves it?

David Beckham. Photo by Doug Inglish

And what's Beckham photo shooting without asking him (or allowing him) to take off his top?

The concept, David getting out of the pool, with water dripping and muscles printed beneath tight jeans, with soft tropical exotic background, is spectacular.

This is what's really interesting and such a breakthrough. What comes to your mind at the first time when there's a spoiler saying that a man would be featured in a cover of a fashion magazine? For me, I ALWAYS imagine that his face would be THE COVER. He's the main attraction. He's the main attention. He's hit by the spotlight and got the glance by passers by at news stand. But what's happening so far? Men just being cameo, standing next to blond slender girl, being something not-that-significant. They did that many times, but they exaggerated, "Hey, we got man on our cover!". Oh puhlizz..

Indeed there were men featured in covers before, but as I remember, no one looks like this. Here you see Beckham. And Beckham ONLY. No other person. No other girl. That's what's the point of revealing that a man would be on the cover. You tell the truth, not a white lie, not another tricky strategy to market the magazine, which at the end disappoints the hoping readers like me. If the spoiler said there would be a man on cover, I would expect A man, and man only, on the cover. Well, I see it on Men's Health, or GQ, or Esquire. But I wanna get 'women-purposed' fashion magazine with masculine cover. It's ironically beautiful, isn't it?

When I read what Lorraine Candy says about it, I laughed out loud (I hate it when people TYPE 'lol every time', instead of saying 'haha, or what 'lol' stand for)

“[Beckham] is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover,” Candy said. “This is a first for us on the newsstand and I believe he is loved by men and women alike.”

"...he is loved by men and women alike"? Oh she knows the REAL market of fashion magazine.

Well done, Lorraine. Well done.

Signorefandi,  And you got a nice sweet family name too. Colloquially..