16 May 2012

This is something that made my day.

Have you ever imagine (or ever happened to you) that penises, (yep, in plural form), are covering all over your legs and crotch?If not, you can have these leggings to make your wildest imagination comes true. Or getting closer.


A closer look will show you how various c*cks you can get in one pants. Ohohoho...

White, brown, black, soda can sized, bunny tiny, bent leftward, humongous, crooked up, brown, short, thick, mushroom headed, pink, BBC, everything. Ugghh..

And you can get these leggings only for $150! I just don't know (yet) where to get this. all girls' dream finally come true! You now, you have to pay more than a hundred bucks to get a single penis, and it's even just for short time. Ahaha..

Signorefandi, crazy c*cks on sale!