16 May 2012

Does the tittle of this post sound familiar to you? It indeed sounds like Rihanna 'Good Girl Gone Bad', but that's not what I mean.

It sounds like these two video clips I found related in a case.

First is this. Good Girl by Carrie Underwood.


And this. Girl Gone Wild by Mama Madonna, released 9 days right after Carrie's music video.


I don't know. Maybe it's just me connecting some things unconnected. But at first time I watched the Carrie video, I felt like I'm seeing Madonna's video clip in my adolescence, Me Against The Music. It shows the battle of two girls (in white and in black), but in Carrie's case, it's more into personal battle because it's personified by the same person. And indeed the lyrics are about self-speaking, telling yourself something you deep-down-in-heart know.

Well, why those two connected? For me it's more because of the tittle. Carrie, which is still so young compared to Madonna, I found her song and video clip very fragile and naive, but then seeing Madonna's is very experienced, secure, and mum-like, a.k.a. (Unfortunatelly it was not proven in real life, when she wasn't hapy finding out her little gurl smoking. Ha!)

So, which one are you?The Good or The Wild?

Signorefandi, can I pick both?