3 June 2012

It's fixed. After huge protests from Moslem extremists, censor requirements, and police's tight T&C, Lady Gaga's first ever concert in Jakarta has finally been cancelled.It's close in prediction, that mother Monster's Ball would swallow some amount of objections- aside excitements.

The sad thing is, when you have a ticket for Gaga, you can not look ordinary on the D day. For me, it's time to make my imagination come true, wearing something that had come in my mind since long time ago. I kept the picture in my mind, but since the concert will never come (at least in near future), I'm pleased to share what I would wear if the Ball happened.

From top, preserved butterfly,antler head piece, veil, metal crown, wings from feathers and 5m² lace, and again, pants from entirely embroidered lace.

I already bought everything I need, and took them to my dress maker.


I don't post the picture of the full done outfit. I'll only show it when I'm attending Mother's concert.

Well, my dream to meet her (see her) in Jakarta is just a dream now. I hope I can see her concert somewhere else. I just want to say one thing, if Mama Gaga reads this. We, Indonesians, were born this way. Some hypocrite, some brave. Some pathetic, some creative. We little monsters here love you more than you know, and no police or extremist can't keep standing on our way to see you whatsoever. I monster-love you.

Signorefandi, Bieber was right. We're living in a random country...