7 July 2012

It is all about purple, lavender, violet, and lilac-hued. A cordon of different fabric; velvet, feathers, fur, leathers- it is such a refreshing collection. My mum used to say to my sisters, every time they want to wear purple. "Don't wear purple. It's warna janda (widow colour). But even though-minded person like my mum will make up their mind when they see this collection. It's dark, mysterious, scary but chic, and yet at the same time, inevitably bold.

I can't imagine in thousand years real people will put such contact lens on, but the coctail dress and strapless gown is every girl should include in ther wardrobe. I mean, now couture clients are not merely rich old women who's wearing pearls all the time, right?

And I ALWAYS love it if there's a couturier create a couture piece for men. We all men deserve to enjoy a bitsy sparkle of couture, no? And even more, I see Didit and ME, yes, me, in the collection. Formal jacket  + white shirt + cargo pants is so Didit. I saw him few times aback and it's just him. It's unusual combo, but I fashion is indeed full of freedom. And when I showed the other picture to my mum, formal jacket + short + flippers, she shouted, "It's you! It is you! Are you his muse somehow?". I know her comment was flattering, but she's no joking. I wear formal jacket every where in the house, from cleaning garbage to cooking, from ironing to toileting.

Well, when you have print work of Calla Haynes (Oh I love those orchid prints), a touch of Phillip Tracy hats (just a touch. Too much Tracy will be, well, too much), and Atelier Lessage for the embellishments, Didit's couture collection is one of the things to look up to.

Signorefandi, muse wanna-be!