8 August 2012

Okay. Here's the case. I promised I'll tell you guys why I was absent for veeerryy long time (in blogging, a day missing is like forever, so more than two months in like, well, longer than time itself).

Now I'm in a phase where I have to think about my future, serious one. So I decided to study. Again. Long feriae is no good for fashimite like me. So where's the perfect place would it be for me to study (Politikwissenschaft und Wirtschaftslehre, und, Philosophie) ? Yep. Germany.

Then, for the last several months (2 years, actually, but I won't bore you with wordy details here), I've been preparing my coming to study. Picking Germany is of course, with many reasons attached. First, because Germany is  quite prolific a country for its philosophers and where all knowledge and science developed in modern era. And in fact, Germany is the leading country in economy in the middle of financial galea in Europe. Second, well maybe you already all know, my bf is here, so it would be a parfait place to live in.

The problem is, being a citizen of fourth world country like Indonesia, to enter such country as German is not as easy as to blink. Lots of lots of documents I must prepare, a cordon of guarantee and insurance I should have, boxes of cigarettes I burnt, gallons of sweat and tears and blood (literally), and of course, the readiness to fly thousands of miles, leaving family and friends. It took me six weeks to get the visa (I don't need to tell you how complicated it was. It just made me sick).

So here I am. Germany. Frankfurt am Main in precise. From now on, meine lieben Leser, I will start a new page of my life story and my blog, from the land where bricks standing next to steels, where die W├╝rde des Menschen ist unantastbar (human dignity is inviolable).

Signorefandi, new life!