6 September 2012

Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom. Couldn't agree more. And yet, what you're about to watch here is not a mere freedom statement. It's somehow an advertising of the new collaboration of Anna Dello Russo and H&M. It IS fun.


What is supposed to be an advertising, I found it interesting because I just saw H&M mentioned ONCE. JUST ONE TIME. Or maybe it is a new way of advertising, putting a big name as Madre Dello Russo and not the brand instead? Maybe. Now the power of a brand is not just the name of the brand itself. Especially in fashion. What I see, like in Chanel or Dior or Givenchy, the name behind the brand, the people who really play the role, take a major part in shaping the brand.And people like it. They don't try to compare Karl with Coco, or Ricardo with Hubert. Each of them is unique, quintessential, and yet still related to each other.

Here I see no difference. H&M is trying to use Anna's name, because her name has a certain power that people will recognize in a blink. When people say Anna Dello Russo, I imagine something playful, chic, with a touch of glam (gold is eternal), and as aforementioned, fun. But what else people look for in fashion?

However, as Anna says as rule number one, ones can disagree with her. I can say I don't agree ALL of the lessons. Example? Mmm... “Is someone else is wearing your same outfit? Wonderful! You did the right choice." for me sounds like it's okay to wear OUTFIT like half of America wear it. She said outfit, not clothes or shoes or something which stands alone. For me, wearing same outfit means you're predictable, commonplace, and worse, trendy. When people take shower, the use different soaps, yes? Otherwise people will smell the same, then. Again, everybody has their own perception. It's a freedom. Well, the music video, some people call it cheesy, but Anna is not a singer, you know?

Anyhoo, I'm waiting for this accessory line that will be launched on October 4. Can. Not. Wait.

Signorefandi, so, who hasn't taken fashion shower today?