14 September 2012

What about a pair of sunglasses (or sunglass?) that can teach you a bit about geograpy?

It's LINDA FARROWJEREMY SCOTT AMERICAN MAP SUNGLASSES, that you can get on LuisaViaRoma. With €230 on the price tag, at this recession era I think it's a bt pricey for a sunglass (it's just one glass, I see?)

Anyhoo, this sunglass is so great. A friend of mine shouted when he saw this sunglass,  "Oh! Those chinese people make sunglasses of THEIR country map?" I was loughing to hell. It's AMERICAN. So, when you slept at geography class in high school, and you can't distinguish which one is China which one is America, I think this is a perfect sunglass for you. Well, it's such an expensive lesson, I can say.

But wait, where are Hawaii and Alaska?

Signorefandi, this sunglass now is called American-Map-Minus-Hawaii-and-Alaska-Sunglass...