12 September 2012

I recently visited Senckenberg Museum here in Frankfurt, and the first area I explore, among those full three-floored huge museum, was none other, stones section.

Beautiful, aren't they? The museum has even shop (yes!), where you can buy small pieces of those stones (of course not the diamond ones), but it's soo cool to have things shown in museum for your home, right? I sometimes wonder why museums don't put price tags on their collections. It would make museum visit more interesting! Like, if they put $3,000,000 on Cleopatra's Comb or something, then you wonder how 4000 years old comb can cost you a bomb. Ha!

Senckenberg Museum is located here


Research Institute and Natural History Museum

Senckenberganlage 25

60325 Frankfurt



Phone: +49 (0)69/7542-0

Signorefandi, Grown up now. I mean, museum, and not mall instead?