18 October 2012

I never read something from Russia except Vogue. It's not because I don't like the rest of them, but I learn Russian because of Vogue. Well, I learn Russian JUST to understand Vogue Russia. So, I DO speak Russian and read Vogue Russia. Many difficulties, yes. Imagine if you learn Arabic or mandarin, with it's own alphabetic system and completely different grammar than your mother language, learning language like Russian could make hair loss or increase needs of Xanax and aspirin.

Anyway, when I passed by magazine store here in Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, this eye catching cover is so chic, and I read: Marie Claire. Russia. And it's anniversary issue. Okay, so I can't leave this train station without having it.

It turned out the biggest surprise of fashion magazine for this year so far. It's super fabulous, with two magazine inside, one with model and one with retro style drawing on the covers. It's like reading my grand-grand-grand parents' fashion magazine, you know? It feels like you're part of the fashion world before there's photoshop and celebrities on the cover. You can just put it as decoration too, which you can not do with other magazine. I somehow still consider hanging somebody's face out of your family member on the wall, either it's poster or pin-up, is the worst thing that you can do to your decoration (exception: Jesus. Or Budha).

And I guess this spread is so Russia!


As a fashion magazine, I think it's incomplete if you don't write a bit about Karl. And Marie Claire gives me A LOT!

What I like about anniversary issue is, I WILL see the handwriting of A to D list of designers, photographers, editors, celebrities, and so on. It's so interesting to see how they make their pen dancing on a piece of paper, as few people, like me, can analyze the character of person from its handwriting, or is called Graphology.

But, instead of x-ray-ing those greetings, here I show my fave greeting cards that Marie Claire got. (Hint: I just put something that I would breakdown from the magazine and put it in frame, then hang it on my wall). So so beautiful.

Donatella Versace knows how to make 2-D drawing can blink like 3-D!

Dean and Dan Caten doesn't write the Cyrillic words, I guess, since it's different with their autographs. But I hope this picture was drawn by them (one of them or maybe both), because it's glamorously artistic!

Well, no word.

But I guess this is the TOP! I thought it's Chanel or something in the very first micro second, but then I wake up and recall that Karl's pen traction is straight-forward and forceful. I'll call Stephen Webster to give me permission to reproduce this picture (for personal use, of course), zoom it in (or out. The one that can enlarge the picture), print it out, and frame it . I want it BIG and hang it on my living room's wall.

Now, my Russian is even more beneficial because now I read Marie Claire Russia! I know. Maybe you'd say, "I can't even read the Cyrillic!", but it's Russia. It's a complete fresh air when you read (read: see) the spread pages even without knowing the meaning of the words.

Signorefandi, well done, Olga Zaretskaya!  Я желаю тебе крепкого здоровья!