2 October 2012

This afternoon, my attention was drawn by a jacket worn by a lady passing me by.  My curiosity won, so like amateur stalker (or spy, for sophistication), I followed her. And her man.

Don't get it wrong. It's not them getting me busted taking picture in candid.:P

First, I didn't pay attention to anything but the pattern of her jacket. It reminds me of batik Indonesia. The man was wearing pink shirt too! Then I noticed it. She hold her man's hand along the way. Well, they hold hands along the way. And talked. And laughed together. So romantic..

I couldn't help but ask permission to take picture of them.

What I see later, is happy faces. I mean, sincere happy joyous faces. It's so scarce these days that old-time couple like them still hold hands while they walk and share stories between them only know. I more frequently see, it only happens to young couple. You know, when hormones and ego are at the same level. The older they get, the further the physical distance in between. Once a couple married, they no longer hold hands, no more talk on the street and shares laugh because days are already full tensioned and stressful, so getting home sooner is what they do. Lack of romance. Passion and compassion of each other is only shared in bed. If any.

It reminds me to what my mum told me long time ago before I decided to reside to Germany. Look for, find, and get something that lasts longer than time, something that can go through time. Something that can't be brushed by winter wind and summer shine. What people look for now is, I won't say bad, but superficial and fake. For blogger like me, some just write to kiss some ass. They try to impress. They try to flatter.

Posting this picture makes me encouraged, whatever happens to me and my partner, we will develop and build something more than a mere camouflage. We don't try to build image for each other. We grow together. And hopefully, 25 years later, there's a blogger taking picture of us holding hands and share laughter.

To see picture I took after they walk again, tab here.

Signorefandi, damn I forgot to ask her about her fantastic jacket...