25 November 2012

John Galliano Spring-Summer 2009


I wrote this posting because there's somebody I pissed off.

"What happened to you? Was your head ran into McDonald's wet floor or what? Unless the windmill recently fall onto you, you should write more often! My morning coffee tasted bad these days!"

I know I've rarely (lazily) updated my blog these days (or months? Oh I feel so bad). But then, realities come. Residing to Germany. Studying. Learning God damn difficult language. Neuanfang (read: adjustment), from rupiah to Euro (I like this one. It's like, when you're shopping, you just spent less than one hundred Euro. Because when you spent 60.000 on a cup of coffee, it DOES sound much, right? So I'm okay here. I don't spend much. Just few euros), different weather (now I can wear fur in the middle of the day!), different food (Lord Mercy God bless Asian shop). Even though my body is skinny glowing-tanned Latino--no protest!--, my brain is so European (blue box is for papers-to-be-recycled only!), still, I'm grown up in a way different culture and way of life. And I have job. I mean, serious job. You know, when people squeeze their brain (and not their ass) to earn some money.

So, when those excuses reason step forward, I wanna cry because I have so limited time to do my blog. But still, like I mentioned long long time ago, nothing can stand between you and your passion. When you can not reach a certain point in it, you'll keep chasing it even though there are so many obstacles to pursue it.

Thank God (or poor me?) I don't have friends yet here. I mean, friends friends. Folks that you can kidnap at 1 am for a beer or cigarette smoking, where you can laugh at anyone with, and talk about anything.

Men (what else?)

Celebrities (oh we're so tabloids, but who's not curious to know which A-lister wearing fakes?)

Food (to be a good housewife, we MUST know which number to call a good delivery!)

Other friends (of course. Who's cheating on whom? Who's stabbing whose back? etc etc. We're all the breeding of gossip girl, yes?)

So, when no friends to hang out with, with one boyfriend to feed, and one full week of lectures, so clear that I have lots of time to write, right? Anyone can write for me but still "by-Signorefandi" (so fake, haha)?

I think I just need to go to china town to get some restorative spirit tonic. I heard they have tonics for everything from macho enhancement, growing eyelashes, to abortion.

But blogging is the only place I can laugh, feel so free, happy, and so on. I can talk about anyone (well, sometimes some sort of D list models asking me to put down some pictures of them, but still, the control is on me), I can write about things I like or I hate, sharing my days, and sometimes making people happy too (with a slice of envy more than one time).

This reader, kind of this who sent me messages with her not so ladylike language, is what keeps me encouraged to keep on writing, more than any freebies I received along the way.

It's time to open my eyes.

Signorefandi, cheers for Fuad, Marzouk, aaaannnddd, Hatimi!