19 November 2012

You don't  have to try. You just buy - Karl Lagerfeld

That is the answer of Karl Lagerfeld when super chic Alexa Chung asks him how much the cost if she's trying to buy a couture dress. Karl told Alexa that nowadays it's normal for a woman to buy 30 couture dresses in 15 minutes (note: one dress can cost you from $30.000 to $250.000, so just calculate how big damage she's making). It's definitely not for everybody. Once I'm informed by Baroness Helene de Ludinghausen, former Directrice of YSL, that it's a question most of all of quality. Furthermore she said that there's nothing to do with status symbol. It's like a habit. With high-skill hand sewing and embroidery, process without sewing machine, the finest ingredients that nature can provide, and hundreds of hours of working time, I bet that the state of quality is undeniably premium. So, who's actually deserving them? If you really do try, and you should tighten your belt and fast for the rest of your life to get one, then you have it. But not really deserve it.

Couture club, a super exclusive club consisting of circa 200 members from around the world; Paris, New York, Shanghai, Qatar, few to mention, is a group of people who not only actually pay the clothes bill (you frequently see the attendees of Oscar in couture? They got it for free, I'm telling you. Or if they're even luckier, the fashion houses not only lend -or give away in most cases- the clothes, those celebrities are paid to wear the clothes for some sort of advertising, you know), they also really appreciate how the dresses were made. They know the materials, as far as that, so they'd not dare to be reckless by spilling a red wine (ouch!) on a Valentino white couture dress in a Ritz Paris party (don't ask me a name. My blog is not like those other tablogids which spoil somebody's embarrassing moments). Once you have it, you'd really deserve it by taking care of it not as if you just picked it from Guess or Gap racks.

Signorefandi, where are you, sugar daddies?