14 December 2012

Last night before going to bed, my boyf showed me a very very funny video, a combination of Adele, Gangnam Style, Holiday greetings, and, ugh, me. I laughed out loud! (I hate the term "lol" or "lolz" or "lmfao" as much as I hate sport shoes, because in my concern, it's not a word, and it sounds bad to my ears, and sport shoes never, I say, never, look good).

Me in the most popular dance on the planet

I know it's ridiculous. I know it's super tawdry in every possible way. But the thing is, sometimes it's good to be able to laugh at yourself. Moreover, laugh at yourself caused by and with your beloved ones. Not like Carry Bradshaw when she feels ashamed when she farts in front of Mr. Big when they're still dating, I try to embrace the fact that everyone has a secret part of personal life that no matter how shameful or silly it is, if somebody loves you more than anything, he/she will accept the way you are, and better way, laugh at it together, because it's part of you.

So, instead of being angry and acting gloomy for the rest of the night, I asked him to show me more about those wonderful apps on iPhone (I wanna divorce with my Blackberry now and turn my head to iPhone!). We tried many songs as backsound, from Adele to Dream Theater to Iron Maiden, but then I just love Adele's Set Fire to the Rain, so I asked him to save the video.

The apps is called Gangnam Dance Booth. If you're an iPhone user (not meee), tab here to get it. It's fun!

Signorefandi, bwahahahaha....