31 December 2012

When I google "fashion new years" phrase, bajillions of bloggers are posting their wish-lists hope-lists whatever you name it all. They write oh I want it all with pictures of stuff they want, and provide the links how people can see where they can get it. I'm not sure if there's a reader really send their favorite bloggers those items (since they are bloggers too). I did that too last year, but for christmast. I was lucky tho, that I got just one of some items I wished (well, at least I got one).

So, instead of being greedy (or delusional?), this year I wish something everybody wants. 2012 has been a wonderful though emotional year for me. Lots of things happened; spending new year's eve by getting heavily drunk with my gurl Vergha Candyda, living in Bali for a month, getting my own domain for my blog, and the most thrilling, moving to Germany to live with the boyf. So 2012 is like a new page of me to write with gold ink on.

My dearest readers, all around the world (Germany and US are at most! Thank you!), I wish you all happiness, joy, health, blessings, success in life, promotion at work, multiple orgasm, new stilettos, all fabulous things in life!

I love you all.

Signorefandi, Happy New Year!!!