22 January 2013


I am currently in Paris for couture week, and since today I got a little free time, I spent my inter-show break to visit one of a fashion legends I admire so much. Azzedine Alaïa. It was merely encouraged by my curiosity wether Monseur Alaïa will hold a couture presentation this season. But as we all know (with a bit certainty), he doesn't this time.

Monsieur Alaïa is so well known for his irregular schedule for his collection, and only holding a presentation when he thinks it's the time. I like this idea, because, in one side, our clothes are not just driven by weather. You know, since the global warming happens, snow can fall in October and in March the snow is still there. So not so much season-based wardrobe rearrangement will be cool, because it really defines us because of our style and not the trend. In the other side, Monsieur Alaïa makes sure that his collection is presented in his best; his timeline, his pattern, and his inspiration. He doesn't have to crave for inspiration in last minute and showing craps when no ideas coming. Or worse, copycating other designers.When he has a show, it means he's really ready for it. No wonder his collection is always dazzling and unique.

A little visit to his boutique is like an adventure. Once I walked in (you have to ring a door bell to get the doors unlocked from inside), I was welcomed by floor-length croco coat. Laser-cut bag is every where. Alligator-tail belt is on the table. Many wonderful shoes. Many sharp-cut jacket and snake-skin blazers and cashmere blouse hanging on the racks. It was magical. It was mesmerizing.

There's also a fitting room as wide as Manhattan; tire-styled comfy chair, mirror in every side, with bright red colour and calming ambiance help you to try-on every pieces you wish it fits you. 

If you want to experience amazing Azzedine Alaïa's boutique, here it is.

An Alaïa girl corrected the phone number before she handed it to me, so it's real Alaïa boutique number, and not me trying to mislead you.

I will not wish for winning a lotere or something. I will work hard to bring all those pieces to my wardrobe someday!

Signorefandi, bon courage!