21 January 2013

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Photo by Luca Cannonieri/InDigital/GoRunway

The central theme of the collection was the garden as a symbol of change and growth. To the music of "The XX" and George Michael, the models paraded around green hedges and trees and showed looks that reflected the passing of the seasons - from subtle signs of spring through to summer flowers.

Thus, the parade began with strapless silk robes in light gray and sky blue, which reminded issued skirts calyxes. In precision-cut tuxedos in black and followed first accents in red and yellow and refreshing colour combinations of pastel pink, green and light blue.

Narrow trousers with creases were complemented by delicate filigree flowers west and bustier with embroidery - a continuous detail of the collection. It seemed as if petals fluttered on dresses, flower meadows growing on tops or buds blossomed on transparent gloves.

The summer finale of the fashion shows were pant suits, dresses and tights in bright yellow, red and orange, followed by wedding gowns with voluminous skirts, to which the models wore flowers embroidered caps. Also worth seeing: the beauty look with short hair and red glitter lipstick.

Raf Simons has proved with his second couture collection to the code of honour of the House of Dior again - and this at a significant day: Christian Dior would be, that day, on 21 January 2013 become 108 years old.

Signorefandi, fresh "new" look...