16 January 2013

Here is the full show of Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Fall/Winter 2013/2014.

This collection is perfectly representing the Italian culture from the religious side. There is Rome, there is Vatican inside the Rome. And also beautiful gardens and villages in Sicilia. Italian culture can't be separated from that. And when you might have noticed, the models are not all models. They are the representation of real people on the street; teen good-looking teen not-so-good-looking, working-men, aristocratic men, middle-aged men, slim, short, tall, big-boned, every shape. And the way they walk, oh! I have never seen a fashion show where the models looking down before turning are so many! Are they afraid of slipping? Are the concerned about three-point turn? Some of them did four or even five point turn.

The clothes are even more surprising. It is so old, classic, and yet at the same time so mature. With a fine cut and beautiful prints (the colours are gorgeous), this collection reminds me every time I passed by a Sunday school and everybody was so innocent, saint-like, calm, and polite. So is every body in Vatican. It is way different from Italian people in general, where people usually shout and scream and as I learnt Italian few years ago (Si! Parlo Italiano!), Italian people use their hands, face, and voice to communicate. Watching this show makes me feel peaceful and a little nervous, just like every time I meet devoted religious people.

Signorefandi, fashionably religious...