5 January 2013

What can make your weekend even perfect? Two weeks ago (three days before Christmas to be exact) I ordered Grace, A Memoir by Grace Coddington from Amazon (thanks to PlanetRomeo for the Christmas voucher gift!). The order expected to arrive on January 8th turned out to be a beautiful surprise this morning. At 10.10 (smile!) in the morning, when of course I'm still curling under warm blanket and hot flesh (me and boyf just finished our bed battle at 4, if you know what I mean), so ten a.m means a mere peak of sleep. Screaming DHL man outside our apartment is waking up (well, wake him. not me), and he said, "There's a package for you." Running through rooms and stairs to grasp clothes, I forgot to buckle my belt when finally I reached the delivery boy in front of my door. The delivery was two days earlier, and it's just perfect as a a companion for my sinking sofa, niccotine, and caffeine for the rest of the day.

I can no longer wait to reveal ideas and thoughts inside her head.

I know it's a gargantuan book. It's a memoir, so it should be big and heavy. And when it's about one of the most brilliant person in fashion, I can't help but ordering the printed edition, thence I made contribution to destructing the earth by cutting a tree and chemical process. So, if you join me to the global warming contributor club, get a copy of printed edition, and tab here to order.

To get the kindle edition so that you can be a cool member of green-goers, tab here. It is indeed cheaper ($1.11 to be precise), but it's so not worth it. You'll miss a lot. The feeling of handling it, carrying it in your tote, or just putting it on your bookshelf aside your Hermés bag (either Birkin or paper). In my case it's the second, tho.

Signorefandi, gracefully drawn...