3 January 2013

What will make $20 briefs and $11.000 watch sell out? My sexfantasy coolest man on earth, David Beckham is starring for a Transocean Chronograph Unitime worldtimer timepiece by Breitling. I am not a watch person, with cellphones and tablets and all those stuff. Besides, not having a watch can be such acceptable way to approach someone cute on the street, simply to ask to take picture of if he's wearing a bit fashion, or maybe just say hi. Beside asking to borrow lighter, of course. But you'll be surprised that many hotness on the street are not smoking, therefor, not having a lighter.

So, ready to be wet dazzled by David?

And below is video of the making. I warn you that on 1:08, I know that his abs are flat no more. But still...

To visit the Breitling page for the timepiece, tab here.

Signorefandi, never thought that wrinkles can be that sexy...