14 January 2013

I had NEVER, EVER heard about this singer. Oh God. You gotta watch the video below, and be ready to be blown away.

His voice sounds like Xavier Naidoo, a German renowned solo singer with many many hits. His voice is even more emotional-touching in my opinion, and with the face an atom less sexier than my lifetime favorite Josh Groban(means still killing, tho!), this kid is definitely my new favorite! His voice is not so operatic like Josh's, which is sometimes better to listen, because if you listen it where many people around, most of those people (I bet) don't really like to hear something they called old-fashioned and 'for oldies' voice.

A little browsing and googling, his name is Jean-Michel Aweh, and he's a grand finalist of  Supertalent here in Germany (or is he the winner? I'll google further).

This is what I like about talent show. Sometimes you just find a shit winning a talent show because the show sell his/her life more than his talent (hey, it's TALENT show, not homey-life-sucks reality show!). When you find a real talent, somebody who can actually sing and not just telling the public how tough life is (it IS, for everyone. Even for Paris Hilton), you just want to celebrate it because finally there's something good to your ears. And Jean-Michel is kinda singer that not only will I buy the music, but also I will attend his concert. Sorry to say, but even though Xavier Naidoo has one of the most recognizable voice on earth for me, and I think I have a whole country agree about it, but attending his show is not so eye-amusing (seine Musik gefällt mir so sehr trotzdem!). There are many choices in many talent shows, and everybody has their own taste, no?

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