2 March 2013

It's Andy Warhol! Andy Warhol artistic sketch of shoes and fish everywhere! Now I can see that Raf Simons elevates artistic side and pours it into fabrics which results amazing pieces and iconic items. Maybe his pre-cotton career as gallerist of Salvador DalĂ­ plays a big role in it. Some people say art is part of fashion. Part of it. And Raf does it as it were the whole part of it. And it is.

The decor of the set reminds me of Anish Kapoor's "Bean", with metal cloud-formed sculptures laid in the middle of the room, giving you a bubbly stretched floating fish-eye-ish reflections everything in front, which I find really beautiful.

Even front-rower takes picture, you know. No, not with big heavy camera with arm-lenght lenses, because it's not cool, and would look like bloggers (ha ha).


The clothes are very feminine, light, and if there's a way to combine his simplicity signature form Jil with glamour of Dior, this is it. It is about Dior by Raf, and the penetration of 'simply chic' is so well represented in this collection. You can smell the Dior aura by the hips accentuation, but baggy pants in a navy or charcoal denim wool combined with Bar jacket? That's something genius.

Signorefandi, the come back of my Dior optimism..