5 March 2013

It's the first time for me to attend Jean-Paul Lespagnard show, and after checking his website to find a clue about his coming collection (is that Comme des Garçons-inspired favicon?), with maatjes fish swimming surrounding a wrench with Dahlia petals floating around, I was expecting something oriental. And I was right.

The very first single item which fully cought my attention was a trail motorbike. I thought there's somebody mistakenly parking his rough ride there, but then I starred at the brand, Honda. The show couldn't be more oriental than that. The hair bun, Kimono, robe, and over coat, with obi belt and dahlia pattern embroidery (of course!), this collection which reminded me of Harajuku style, even though far from previous dare-to-be-different collections of his,  is a comprehensive way to express femininity with a touch of adventure.

I had a new obsession when I saw this. I died.

This combo of  wide-open-neck jacket and an overcoat, with gold dahlia pattern on black silk is heavenly! I didn't even pay attention to my camera because I just loved seeing it. I didn't want to waste a second adjusting ISO or speed or brightness. I. WANT. IT. SO. BAD.

And it got better. That coat is just the first part of a terrific trilogy.

Even though the moon boots were just misplaced (well, one needs to anticipate who knows if there's a super stylish motor rider wanting a pair of boots to be paired with jaquard embroidered jacket), I thought this tremendous trio is avant-garde. So, check. They definitely ended up on my must-have list this year.

Indeed I saw some repetition. The killer wooden shoes were seen in his collection in F/W 2011/12 aback. And those wooden containers (as runway step on) was derivative from wooden fruit boxes scattered on the runway in S/S 2013. However, after Honda and super desirable coats, the show went on with even more surprises. Was that glowing bag? Was that a heavily encrusted helmet? The show was amazing!

(Photos by Rudolf Bastian Tampubolon, @bastian2512)

Signorefandi, every lady rider like me needs everything from this collection...