7 March 2013

Watch the full video of Louis Vuitton womenswear Fall/Winter 2013/14 below.

A hotel hallway with light blue and white flowered wallpaper was the catwalk of the Autumn / Winter Show 2013/14 by Louis Vuitton. Dark wood doors gradually emerged the models walked down the hotel hallway and disappeared behind doors. Under luxurious fur coats they wore fine flowered satin pajamas and lace dresses, calf-length dresses made of velvet with lace, nightie glittered under masculine feminine coats. It seemed like a glamorous hotel guest from the past quickly donned a robe to quickly flit from room to room. It felt a little less grandeur (neither carrousel nor built-in railway and $8 million train attached on runway), but there's no one do it better to resurrect the nostalgic ambiance. This Louis Vuitton show was a perfect example.

In contrast to the last collection, Marc Jacobs put the focus of the design is not to graphic pattern, but on surface structures: for artistic dégradé-effects, the edges of mantel and coats were embroidered with sequins, fur and feathers. Bags instead surprised with fluffy
fur, marabou feathers, with classic monogram. Floral embroidery embellished transparent dresses - a variant of which was worn by Kate Moss (and attendees, of course, clapped hands) flooded the runway, which in my opinion, defined the way to be sexy without too much effort.

Above all this was a nostalgic touch to the styling of the models with short black wigs and dark red lips fit. They were both the '20s and the Hollywood of the 40s, which had here and there before our eyes: the wicked glamor, the festivals of the bohemian life of a femme fatale.

For boudoir glamor of the collection also fitted Marc Jacobs' performance at the end of the show - he took a bow in a red patterned silk pajamas from the Louis Vuitton Menswear recent collection,
which feature Jake and Dinos Chapman's print interpretation of Diana Vreeland's Garden in Hell apartment, which reminds me of Prada pattern. Different material (on runway was silk, and on Marc was I assumed cotton or cashmere). I normally don't really like these bed-time clothes because usually they look lazy, messy, crumpled, and wrinkled, but I can say, I've never seen a pair of such sexy pajamas. 

Signorefandi, sexy in-and-out of bed!