4 March 2013

It has been my concern, that there's only a very little number of haute couture collection for men out there. And this season, Rad Hourani, who usually shows his collection in unisex style, was invited by Chambre Syndicale to present an haute couture collection, making him the first unisex couturier in history.

Rad Hourani Unisex Haute Couture Collection #10 from on Vimeo.

It was all about lining, sleek but not boring, black-and-white perfected by a recognizable combination of materiall.

I wonder why, after more than a century, there's no one has an idea of presenting a couture line for men. Well, Rad's collection is unisex, but it is more wearable (I hate this terminology) for men. In July, Hourani’s work had not yet been recognized by the committee, but after receiving a recommendation from Christian Dior’s CEO, Sidney Toledano, he’s is now an officially invited member. That makes Thursday’s show the world’s first unisex couture collection ever shown. Congratulations, Rad Hourani. I'm looking forward to your remarkable fashion tour-de-force coming in the future.

Signorefandi, finally, I can go haute shopping...