18 April 2013

Back in 2009, when Christian Lacroix filled the bankruptcy, it was a time when I think what Oscar de la Renta said that couture is irrelevant was true. Lacroix, known as the King of Couture, actually never made profit since it's established in 1987. When finally the company was saved by Qatar family from the bankruptcy, he never releases (well, not yet) a couture collection. He, instead, did a collaboration with Desigual, which I think degrade the quality of his own and underestimate himself. What can you do when we live where the money talks?

Christian Lacroix haute couture last exit, fall 2009. Photo by Marcio Madeira

 Dita von Tesse in Christian Lacroix haute couture for Harper's Bazaar Russia Dec. 2009

Couture is the epitome of fashion. It is the ultimate fantasy, the one truly pure expressive form of fashion. It also employs craftsman techniques that have been long lost, many which, designers of today know nothing about. It is a collection of complete conceptual thinking and should never be lost.Couture atelier is like a laboratory in fashion. And when you're already a couturier, you should not be able to stop.

And as I always say, after storms, rainbow comes. Christian Lacroix was recently appointed to design a capsule collection for the Schiaparelli. It is always great to see such creative individual as Christian Lacroix ends his hibernation and put the claws up.

The capsule collection will interpret Schiaparelli’s iconic creations- colors, shapes, and texture, which is in the same way with Lacroix fairy tale-ish creations, and will be showcased this July at 21 place Vendôme, the historic address where Elsa once worked and where the house is now based.

Signorefandi, can not wait...