10 July 2013

Haute couture in Paris has been wrapped, some dresses are tagged and booked, but Milan has just started their own high echelon of fashion. Alta Moda. Maria and Pier Paolo of Valentino and Giorgio might have their own in Paris, but Domenico and Stefano want to stay true to their base and showing their couture line in their home, which makes it more special.

Paintings of Saint Mark's Square, Venice, by the 18th-century Italian painter Canaletto

Photos from Swide and Dustyburrito

It's an "I've-never-seen-like-that-before" couture. It's lavish, luxurious, intricate, traditional, exquisite, anything but sleek and modern, in which some people play these days. When others embrace simplicity and 'less is more', Domenico and Stefano showed that if you want to be more, show more. Their craftsmanship is remarkable, their approach to Italian tradition is so much injected to the clothes that you can even smell it from far distance.

Highly-ornated interiors at 15th-century Venetian palazzi overlooking the Grand Canal is such a perfect pick for those pieces of art. I imagine where you'd wear those if you posses some, but I think if you have a gallery at your house, or you own your museum yourself, those dresses are just as immaculate as your Michelangelo or Rodin or Leonardo.

It is utterly beautiful.

Signorefandi, beautiful Italy...