3 July 2013

They beautifully hand-wrote my name, my rep's name, and her address, completely! It's 6 lines!
Where are they?

Metamorphosis and Sanctuary, two words combined and relented in creation of haute couture by Frank Sorbier.I saw lots of play in texture and pattern, combined with an absurdity and high-skilled cutting and alien-like proportion. The sense of turning camouflage (autumn-leaves cloaks) into glamouflage, this is a couture pieces I can imagine I would posses. It's like looking at Ritz Paris luxurious decor and turning it into clothes. I always like the armour smell and lavish texture of a clothing piece. The high-class and royalty look with exquisiteness and a touch of nature inspiration is always an impeccable point of his collection.

Signorefandi, seriously superb!