1 July 2013


I am in Paris for couture week this time, for season fall/winter 2013. After the menswear fashion week finished (I saw some hawtie howtie male models all around the city on the way from Gare de L'est to my Paris home), now it's time for the most fabulous event of the year. It's couture time!

This time, I got many (oh god I can't believe it) invitations to attend the show. Well, it's not yet the ultimate ones as Chanel and Dior (huff, no idea why it's so hard to notice me, hey you!) but I got chances too to see young couturiers (both in and off calendar) to see how modern couture house embrace the rough economic time. 

So, let's start the fashion couture soiree with Versace Atelier!

On her twitter account (signed DV, so it was from the queen herself), it said, "I wanted a sexy and sophisticated woman with a strong attitude. Only a true icon like Naomi Campbell could open this show." And she did. 

With her haute couture collection Mama Donatella revels in the past and proves how glamorous and elegant this time was. Her inspiration: old black and white movies and photographs.

Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman would probably not used to the new designs of Atelier Versace collection, but Donatella Versace has transferred the opulent robes of that time in the modern era. The new generation of glamour - embodied inter alia, supermodel Mama Naomi (since Gianni's couture show in 1997, she had never walked a runway), who opened the show and closed - clearly shows more skin, has a wicked and sexy look. Slim-fitting, long skirts with mermaid train, midriff or sweater to pencil skirts and bustiers transparent inserts, but then closed up sober, characterizing the collection.

Thus, the colours change between then and dark shades such as Bordeaux, midnight blue, black, emerald green and violet. Ornaments with borders made ​​of Swarovski crystals and sequins and flashy belt and high heels guarantee the wow moment on the red carpet.

Luxurious and elegant, the fabrics and materials used are: fine embossed leather, dyed-consuming and heavy velvet in the interplay with delicate lace give the designs of Versace the typical Hollywood look.

Also a big issue: transparency. With sexy cut-outs and high leg slits you show a lot of skin in this season a la Versace chic. Heels with lace inserts and transparent plexi leather bodysuits under blazers or a seductive element between cut-outs highlight this trend.


Signorefandi, THE Queen of Sexy Dressing!