26 September 2013

Personally, Manish Arora is one of most anticipated shows on my calender. And I was far from disappointed.

It is what something I hadn't seen for a while. A playful combination of Parisian art deco floor, executed with a remarkable Indian embroidery, and a series of hairdo resembling the strong character of Final Fantasy, Manis Arora brought the fun back in fashion.

Envisioning glamouroud Josephine Baker at a rave, Arora created a loud translation of what Paris stands for. Sporty jersey and french terry in every brightness imaginable, with a cordon of pattern such as sherbert pink, banana yellow, mint green, and fuschia, he resurrected the idea of glam 20s party. Great Gatsby-esque chandelier print and fruity jewellery, motifs of lipstick, aeroplanes (a nod to no-angst Amelia Earhart) with a fuse of waterproof parkas and psychedelic prints, were all walking together to give a picture of something futuristically vibrant.

Robotic shoes with signature pink heart sole completed the look, that whatever happens during fashion week, the spirit of fashion should bring fun and colour during this clear-skied City of Light.

Signorfandi, cheerful devil..