28 September 2013

I had been waiting for this moment for long time. An Indonesian designer showing his collection in Paris.

Tex Saverio spring/summer 2014 titled 'Fantasy Made Reality'

A dark mysterious fantasy coming true it was. Laser-cut patterns fused with with old colour of black, with cerulean, chartreuse, and champagne blended tenderly creating a series of magical ready-to-wear pieces. High-waisted is back, and pairing it with cropped jacket and tops double-up as outwear is just the right way to do it. The use of silk organza and tulle with tri-acetate and holograms peeking beneath intricate pattern creates something futuristic but not too far away. It's not something most people dare to dream, let alone to wear, but the spirit of creating a wildness emblazoned in shock, that something meticulously made with tremendous amount of attention in detail, lingers on my mind. Sometimes you're afraid of your fantasy, due to its depth or the egoistic realisation that that fantasy is too bizarre, and yet, this creation proves that even a dark fantasy can be something unexceptionally beautiful.

For his d├ębut show in Paris, I can say that he's a little timorous to show off. His ability in creating a dress worn by Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar aligned with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler, Tex has something deeper that he might have a fashion hiccup coming to the city of light. But I know, that what he creates, which always reminds me of the late Lee McQueen's, with confidence will be reserving him a place on the highly prestigious and limited couture calender.

Signorfandi, terrific Tex!