2 October 2013

The definition of true elegance comes to the new level.

Hotel Saint James, and Salon Marie Antoinette in particular, was the silent witness of the beauty Basil Soda brought to the room. And just like the grandeur person the salon was named after, the collection of Basil Soda for his spring/summer 2014 collection is no less impeccable. Marie Antoinette, despite her controversial role and acts in the past, was undoubtedly the most prolific persona of style and elegance of French history, and so what this collection is all about. Abstract floral prints (tiny tulips?), combined with body-hugging folding and pleats, unconventionally romantic laces, and a massive numbers of embroidery are the front-liner aspects of the collection. Oh, and fine cuts. Incredibly sleek fine cuts. A red pencil dress with accents of embellishments on the hips, gorgeous floor-lenght violet dress with bejewelled bustier (come in the short version too), goddess-styled cream rose gown that falls flawlessly, or, my favourite numbers that I asked the models to put them on: the first was a simple-in-silhouette black dress but heavy glittery. The whole front part was burdened and beautified with embellishments of all kind, long way to the entire arms. No more jewellery necessary, since the dress is the jewel itself. The second was creamy pink pencil cocktail dress with, again, embellishments on the whole arms. From far distance, it looks like the shimmering flower embroidery actually grows on the skin, giving a look of a simple body-flattering dress with dramatic accent on the arms. I didn't know that pairing red shoes would fit to that dress, but when the model (I suppose) didn't change shoes for whatever dress you'd ask her to put on, it's perfection. Purrrfection!

Signorfandi, better be at least one piece of those dress in your wardrobe...