6 November 2013

Well well well...

The ultra exclusive haute couture family added THREE new guest members on its calendar for spring/summer 2014 season showed in January!

They are..

1. Schiaparelli


Former Rochas creative director Marco Zanini signed on to become creative director of Schiaparelli in September. After a one-time couture come-back collection by Christian Lacroix (it was maaaaaggnifique!), Marco Zanini will be showing the spirit of Schiaparelli house under HIGH expectation. Will we see lots of pink, and perhaps, a rendition of lobster dress somewhere?

2. Ralph & Russo

Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo. This couture duo will enliven the couture week (five days only) with their beautiful sense of bespoke clothing and evening dresses. A plus, they're English, which kind of fulfilling my long to the father of couture, Mr. Worth. Seeing this following dress, saying that they don't understand couture would be a nonsense. Simplicity can be flattering too.

 3. Serkan Cura

Need to say something about this designer?

It's just a matter of time for this Turkish-born, Belgian-trained designer to fill a slot in the calendar. Fashion is either wearable (I hate this terminology), or to inspire, to brighten imagination, and to broaden fantasy. Serkan Cura has showed me for both.

Signorfandi, excited!