15 November 2013

There's much Valentino's veela running down the catwalk in Shanghai.

For the first time, celebrating the opening of their new flagship-- the second biggest yet to date with over 790 square meters large, Valentino held a not-so-mini fashion show taking place at IAPM Mall along Huai Hai Zhong Road, in the very center of Shanghai business district.

This collection, which will be available immediately and exclusively on November 15th at the newly-opened boutique, is what I call the representation of Valentino at its best. Valentino is about red. It's about sleek. Elegant sleek. Valentino is so lucky that red, their trademark colour (maybe with only exception for red-soled heels), is adjacent with one of the most important colour in Chinese culture, corresponding with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy, which is beneficial from the business point of view. Red can be found everywhere in any celebration in China. And this collection in particular, red is literally everywhere. I suppose it is save to say that the collection itself, is coloured red. The runway tiles, the lighting. Every single bit of it.

In any derivatives and shades of red, the collection started by a coat with geometric pattern, paired with lace knee-length dress. It looks like a full coat from the front, but then, from the back side, it appears to be a pair of suit, with a separate top and a skirt. Then, little red dress, again with geometric details, followed by numerous cut and materials possible, from cape to oversized coat, from sheer blouse to leather skirt with frocks. The sense of modernity comes from the glamouflage of military pattern (still, in shades of red), a micro-mini leather short, and the come-back of kitten heels was a little surprise as well. A jacket with later sleeves and the bodice heavily embroidered with flowers appliqué caught my eyes, that it tells me that this cordon is a mix collection; ready-to-wear, accessory, and haute couture on the very same runway. One thing which I thought would be absent from this, was a red velvet. And later on, there it was, a floor length dress with accent of shoulder cape and a detail of knot on the neck. And then, the finale tells it all, a gown with two feet tail paired with a calf length mantel entirely built from meticulous flower pieces. It is what Valentino is all about; a glorious red collection sparkling joy and hopes of luck.

Signorfandi, maravilhoso, Valentino!